In 2005, following a Crimestoppers call about the fraudulent actions of a corrupt employee in a bank, an enquiry took place between the bank and the police and almost £500,000 was recovered, with the employee receiving a substantial prison sentence.

Following this event, Crimestoppers was encouraged to set up a separate service specifically aimed at providing ‘whistle-blowing’ services to allow employees to report wrongdoing where they felt they were unable to speak directly to their own managers. Known as The Integrity Line, this service is now entering its sixth year providing such services.

Staffed by highly trained call agents this service is now further fine-tuned to include the non-profit sector under the Charity Fraud Line (CFL).

Powered by Crimestoppers, the Charity Fraud Line is there for employees to pass on anonymous information about wrongdoing at work. In any organisation, fear of being found out can mean unlawful and unethical behaviour goes unchecked.

The Charity Fraud Line is the solution.

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