The benefits

The benefits of Charity Fraud Line

In any organisation, staff are often reluctant to highlight wrongdoing or raise compliance issues for fear that their identity and complaint will become known amongst colleagues.

Company-run reporting or whistleblowing lines can be mistrusted and/or inefficient. For these reasons, unethical and unlawful activity can go unchecked, undermining and destabilising a company or organisation.

The Charity Fraud Line is the solution.

The benefits of using such a service include:

  • If staff need to report fraud or any other crime in their direct line of command, they can contact Charity Fraud Line anonymously - this negates the need to have complicated in-house reporting procedures.
  • Earlier identification of charity fraud can make a considerable difference.
  • Regular circulations from the Charity Fraud Line service will show any identified trends in information given.
  • Users of the service will be anonymous as standard, but can choose to give details along with their information, enabling further investigation.

Where did Charity Fraud Line come from?

Powered by the charity Crimestoppers, we have the experience and reputation which can power the reporting hotline your workplace needs. We also have the benefit of being a third sector organisation ourselves, so we are intimately familiar with the issues faced by charities.

Charity Fraud Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to employees of all participating charities.

Calling the Charity Fraud Line

Calls to the Charity Fraud Line are free from all UK landlines. 

Calls to the Charity Fraud Line are received by trained call agents at Crimestoppers' Call Bureau who will help callers provide as much information as they can.

All information received by the Charity Fraud Line is only given to the point of contact nominated by you. Information is passed on via email. If it requires immediate action, we will call and email you.

Calls to the Charity Fraud Line will never be recorded or traced. 

Employees can also pass on information to the Charity Fraud Line online via the Give Information Anonymously form linked from this website. Information sent via the Charity Fraud Line online form is sent to us over a secure internet connection which makes sure you, and your computer, are anonymous.

Get in touch for more information on the Charity Fraud Line.